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Friday, June 24, 2011

Portrait Day

Sunday, as part of the The Clark Museum's free family day, I'm doing15-20 minute portraits in charcoal for $20. Here's a link to some portraits I've done recently, to practice. I'm kind of nervous about putting my head on the chopping block, to borrow an 18th c. french image, so please come by Sunday and keep me distracted. By the way, it's also a great time see the new Pissaro exhibit, and it's free of charge on family day.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Virtual vs Reality

One of the surprises this year- and there have been a few- has been the success of my virtual gallery on ETSY. (see the thumbnails next to this post).

Last year, just for fun, I started showing my artwork through ETSY, the "handmade" internet marketplace. I had no expectations. It seemed like a good way to get the new work out there.

A year later, I have sold many paintings and drawings on ETSY, and I'm thrilled every time I get an email for a new sale.

But success for an artist is also defined by how many people see the work. In one year I've had over 100,000 page-views of my work on ETSY.  Amazing! No matter how hard Jaye and I work at our studio/gallery, studio21south, we are content to see a small crowd of art lovers at our openings.

I also realize that, compared with online viewing, standing in front of an actual painting is a totally different experience.  I know that I cannot feel the same thing looking at a reproduction of, say, a Sargent at the Clark museum, as when standing 3 feet away from the actual work. When I see somebody looking- really looking- at a painting at one of our shows, I am grateful. After all, that's why an artist makes art- to share the experience.

I can read that 100,000 people saw my work, and that is thrilling. Actually seeing people respond to an individual painting is a more satisfying measure of success for me. Hopefully for the viewer as well.