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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Claire Obscure

i attend drawing class religiously. some artists will tell you they have "mastered" drawing. really? yes, they took life drawing. for a whole year!

i prefer the more humble michelangelo, whose dictum was "always a student". or hokusai, whose dying words were "if heaven had only granted me five more years, I might have become a real painter."

the routine for life class is pretty much the same wherever you go. some gesture drawing- say 2 minute poses- to get you drawing freely. the poses get progressively longer, and by the end of the night, there are half hour to one hour poses. that's when i put the charcoals away and bring out the oil paints.

so what am i after? freshness, expressive line, brushwork and subtle color are qualities i admire in the masters. this is what i'm trying to get.

a very exciting week for painting sales for me. 3 advance sales of "snow show" landscapes to my dear collectors in canada, and a collector in ohio bought 3 life studies from my etsy site.

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