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Sunday, August 15, 2010

What's New? What's Old?

A collector once said to me, "It seems you paint duplicates of your most popular pictures".

Rude? Yep. But he had a point. I do like to return to favorite spots. I wouldn't exactly say duplicates

The old factory housing up the road from the Beaver Mill is a theme I've played with many times. But the sky is always different. Sometimes there are leaves on the trees. Sometimes there is snow. The light is never the same. It's why I like to paint outdoors, to respond to what's at hand.

Monet (I can think of many others) painted the same tree silhouette at Giverny time after time.  I wonder if anyone ever asked if he was painting duplicates of his most popular pictures?

So, here are a few views of the mill houses near the beaver mill, one which my dear art teacher, Judy Mason Froerich purchased recently (spring view).  I hope I'll get another chance to paint out there again soon.

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